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I was born in Bethnal Green in the east end of London in the early fifties.  I had a pretty poor start in life living in a 3 roomed flat with my parents and elder brother, with whom I shared a bed for a long while.  However, my parents were hard workers and at one time my Dad had 3 jobs to help make ends meet.  My mother was a machinist and worked for a Greek Cypriot family just off Commercial Road.  My Dad was fortunate in that he managed to join the Metropolitan Polce Service in the late fifties at the age of 29, which was almost too late.  So I grew up in Bethnal Green and Stepney and was part of the Police ‘family’.  Later I was fortunate in gaining a place at the local Grammar School in Stepney and as my father was transferred out to Romford in the sixties, I transferred to Hornchurch Grammar School.  It was there I suffered the humiliation of class discrimination. Being an east end lad with an appropriate accent I soon realised that most of my contemporaries came from very different and privileged backgrounds and I was viewed by some staff as ‘lowering the tone’ of the school.  As can be imagined I did not achieve my potential at school and my strong sense of fairness and right from wrong developed as a result of the way I was treated.  At the age of 21 I followed in my fathers footsteps and joined the Police Service.  Throughout my service I realised I was not ‘a team member’ as my idea of an officer with honesty and integrity did not match the ethos of those around me, and it was a struggle to survive.  However I stuck with it and managed to achieve promotion to the rank of Inspector  before being medically retired  3 weeks short of 28 years service at the age of 49.  Currently I live in West Wales with my wife and several animals on our very small small holding.  Now aged 60 it is time I put forward my view as to what is wrong with society today and what we should do to change it.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Delboydave,

    Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas and are managing to keep warm!

    You may remember sometime ago you commented on the book I’m writing about police misconduct; you very kindly said that you would be happy to offer assistance if needed.


    I wanted to ask you something that despite research, I’ve been unable to find an answer to.

    Would there EVER be an occasion when a police officer would make an entry in his/her pocket notebook BEFORE that notebook had been issued to the officer. The reason I ask this is because, in my case, the officer made an entry in his notebook, but the date of the entry was a date prior to the notebook being issued to him.




    • Hi Glynis, good to hear from you. We had a quiet Christmas and we are both very warm thanks 🙂
      As for your question, whilst it is not proper procedure, this could happen legitimately. E.g. Each notebook is issued when the old one is getting close to being used up. However, on occasion it is possible that the officer runs out of pages before obtaining a new one. What should happen in practice is that any notes taken before the new book is issued (I.e. Notes should be contemporaneous) should be attached to the new notebook with an explanation as to why. However, in reality the officer may copy the notes into the new notebook and give them the date on which they were made. So, if an officer has an incident on Saturday or Sunday night and runs out of notebook before they can obtain a new one on Monday, once they receive the new book they then put the notes in the new book as if they were made at the time. Hence the date of the recorded incident would be Saturday, but the record would show the book was not issued until the Monday. Does that make sense? Of course there could be other reasons for entries before the book was issued but they would be likely to bring on disciplinary proceedings!
      Hope that helps you. If you need further info. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email address is delboydave99@gmail.com.


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