Muslim Incest: Imam and Syrian Terror Commander caught on video having sex with his granddaughter

These are the sort of animals we are dealing with in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. They fuck their granddaughters and daughters and then blame the women/girls. These people are animals, hypocrites and mentally unstable and are a disgrace to the Muslim Faith. Mohammed would turn in his grave, or maybe not as he is seen by some as a terrorist in his own time. The sooner we deal with this scum the better.

The Muslim Issue

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Grandpa and morality commander for the future Caliphate killing people in Syria, Sheikh Al Nasouh, is seen mounting his own granddaughter on the video below. Until he gets caught and scramble to put his pants on. How about that. Grandpa is mounting her like he would mount his camel or donkey! She’s obviously endured this virginity test since she was six years old, like baby Aiysha. So grandpa blames her in the end (see transcript below) and makes sure she takes the blame/bullets.

Following the footsteps of the pedo-prophet of Islam.

Had it been someone else he would have ordered their execution to comply with Allah’s laws. But when it is himself, he suddenly feels remorseful and wants to be pardoned. This is how Muslims are all the time. Complete hypocrites. And they can never let other people lead their own lives without always trying to control them.


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Why did the DWP push ahead with illegal sanctions, knowing they don’t do any good?

Evidence that the DWP is harbouring a criminal who is probably guilty of manslaughter!

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Don't shrug your shoulders, Smith! It's time the people of the UK found a way to make him care about the deaths he is causing. Don’t shrug your shoulders, Smith! It’s time the people of the UK found a way to make him care about the deaths he is causing.

Today’s article on the Skwawkbox blog is extremely interesting, for anyone with an interest in the public services and the welfare state.

It seems the Department for Work and Pensions has pushed ahead with a regime including the Work Programme and the sanctions imposed for those who refuse to take part, and even changed the law to reinforce its position, despite having documentary proof that is two years old, showing that these policies do more harm than good and are not in the national interest.

You can read the article here to get the full picture. The gist is that a DWP report from 2011 advised the secretary of state, Iain Duncan Smith, that these policies were a bad idea – but he went…

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