Is it just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else think the hysterical obsession with ‘historical abuse’ is now getting out of hand?  For many victims of the more ‘minor’ offences, surely they have moved on by now or at least come to terms with what happened to them, I know I have.  So what possible benefit is there in vigorously pursuing these ancient offences from a time when social norms were different?  Will re-living the incident again and being challenged in court give the victims closure? I doubt it.  The biggest problem I have is that all the recent revelations involve ‘celebrities’.  What about all the victims of family abuse? Would the investigators pursue those offences with similar vigour? Again, I doubt it.  It seems to me that this hysterical pursuit of the guilty is just our society’s way of ensuring the focus of attention is on everyone else whilst they ignore their own shortcomings.

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