What Francis told Radio 4 about fracking and methane emissions, water use, contamination and jobs

There’s a lot of emotive propaganda about with regard to fracking. This summary of Francis Egan’s responses to questions from the interviewer and phone in listeners on yesterday’s You and Yours programme on Radio 4 puts the other side of the issue.


30th July 2014

Francis Egan, chief executive of the drilling company, Cuadrilla, went on the radio yesterday to answer questions from listeners about fracking.

Mr Egan rarely gives interviews or answers questions from journalists. So we’ve transcribed his answers to the points raised by listeners to BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme.

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Paedophiles at the top!

We have heard a lot lately about historical abuse, Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris etc.  But what about those at the top, the politicians?  Why haven’t we heard a lot more about what THEY have been up to?  Well maybe it’s because they have been very good at covering things up or ‘disposing’ of people who could cause them embarrassment.  Have a listen to this radio interview of a Barrister and intelligence advisor and let me know what you think?



David Cameron sued by unemployed man over freedom of speech

This is the only course of action left open to anyone who has been let down and marginalised by ‘the system’


An unemployed  man is suing Prime Minister David Cameron for £1 million in a battle over freedom of speech.

Jobseeker Harvey Stone claims he was unlawfully prosecuted for sending the government an email protesting against their treatment of the unemployed.

The father of one, of  Holten-le-Clay, Lincolnshire, says his struggle to find a job has been made infinitely harder after he sent a “protest email” to the government over George Osbourne‘s “Help to Work” scheme, and was charged with a criminal offence as a result.

Mr Stone, who is married with a 16-month old daughter, says he was charged with an offence under the Malicious Communications Act 1988, after sending the email, protesting against the Chancellor’s controversial plans to make the unemployed perform unpaid labour.

The family man, who says the Tory leader has “allowed his government to discriminate against and criminalize the…

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Is it just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else think the hysterical obsession with ‘historical abuse’ is now getting out of hand?  For many victims of the more ‘minor’ offences, surely they have moved on by now or at least come to terms with what happened to them, I know I have.  So what possible benefit is there in vigorously pursuing these ancient offences from a time when social norms were different?  Will re-living the incident again and being challenged in court give the victims closure? I doubt it.  The biggest problem I have is that all the recent revelations involve ‘celebrities’.  What about all the victims of family abuse? Would the investigators pursue those offences with similar vigour? Again, I doubt it.  It seems to me that this hysterical pursuit of the guilty is just our society’s way of ensuring the focus of attention is on everyone else whilst they ignore their own shortcomings.

Kevin sanctioned on Work Programme and now begging for food

This will be one of many posts on what the Coalition are doing to the most vulnerable in our society

Ann McGauran

Kevin Jobbins, who's living on £7 a fortnight for food, following a benefit sanction Kevin Jobbins, who’s living on £7 a fortnight for food, following a benefit sanction

How does it feel to be “living” on a budget for food of £3.50 a week? Kevin Jobbins is doing exactly that, but the more you think about it, the less appropriate the concept of  existence or survival seems in this context. To survive  conjures up images of Everest expeditions  – involving a set of risks voluntarily  endured  by explorers who’ve personally opted to challenge their own physical and emotional limitations.

Kevin, on the other hand, came into the Greenwich Foodbank   because  he’s  not  surviving. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has failed to reinstate his benefits following a sanction in April. Kevin is 39, and is  receiving employment and support allowance (ESA). He’s waiting to go into detox treatment for drug and alcohol issues and is also on the waiting list for surgery…

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Here we are then

This blog will be my take and comments on what I believe to be wrong and needs changing in the UK today.  I will be commenting on Politics,  the EU, Religion, Health, Welfare and Benefits, Corporate Greed, National and Local Press, corruption, Bankers, the Law, bullying,  and anything else I consider needs to be challenged as unfair, inappropriate or just plain wrong.

Feel free to comment on my posts or put forward an alternative view or opinion but please keep the language appropriate.  Posts that are outright offensive, use profane or abusive language, or appear to be a troll will be deleted.

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